Building For The Future

Our Goal

The total SIGMA CHI PROUD CAPITAL CAMPAIGN goal is $350,000. If the goal is not met, contributions will first be applied to priority #1, then priority #2, and then priority #3. If the goal is exceeded, the proceeds above $350,000 will be invested in a perpetual maintenance fund to maintain our property.

PRIORITY #1–pay off the mortgage debt to the bank ($127,405) and the brothers that have loaned money ($10,156) for a total goal of $138,000.  COMPLETED

PRIORITY #2–make essential repairs just to keep the house in shape and operating. This includes a new roof ($12,900); replacement and repair of eaves and gutters ($6,000); resurfacing of parking lot ($18,000); electrical wiring upgrades ($4,500); basic plumbing repairs ($6,000); fence repair ($4,000); security upgrade ($4,500); and basic exterior upgrades including painting and siding repairs ($9,000) for a total goal of $64,900. COMPLETED

PRIORITY #3–renovate the interior of the house. Currently, we have 12 bedrooms and 61/2 bathrooms on the first and second floors. Proposed plans are to have five to eight single rooms upstairs with restricted access with key cards which would be more competitive with housing opportunities offered elsewhere in town. The first floor would have no bedrooms and the alumni study center and library would be expanded and the kitchen upgraded. With no mortgage payment to make, rental from the above plan would provide a positive cash flow of close to $15,000 annually. This renovation includes considerable interior construction and the estimated cost is $147,100. The planned renovations to the interior of the house are outlined below: PARTIALLY COMPLETE

Changes to the House Plans

  • Main Floor Changes
    • Eliminate all bedrooms on the main floor level COMPLETED
    • Upgrade the main kitchen. COMPLETED 
    • Relocate the Alumni Room to 2 bedrooms across the hall from the current location. COMPLETED 
    • Expand the TV room both east into the kitchen and west into the Alumni Room or use the existing Alumni Room as a Ritual Enhancement Center. Ritual study is completed
    • The last  two bedrooms on the east side of the house (Dorm 103 & 104) will be converted to a learning center. COMPLETED

Proposed Main Floor Plan


  • Second Floor Changes
    • Convert 8 double rooms to 5 to 8 single rooms with similar configuration as the house today. COMPLETED
    • Upgrade bathrooms with commercial flooring, upgraded plumbing and shower facilities. 3 BATHS COMPLETED
    • Upgrade interior hallway walls and floors. COMPLETED
    • Second level key card access for residents only  to the upstairs bedrooms
    • Upgrade flooring in stair wells. COMPLETED
  • Basement Changes Needed
    • Upgrade plumbing
    • Upgrade wiring
    • No configuration changes
    • Alcohol free
  • Future Project Priorities
    • The roof; while we have a couple more years of wear remaining, we deferred this project to address cultural changes needed to address the membership review and University concerns.
    • Assess the electrical and plumbing issues in the basement. We are anticipating this will be an area of concern for the RMF inspectors.
      Remodel two additional bathrooms; three baths have been completely remodeled.
    • Sprinkler system for the residential quarters at a minimum. This is not only a safety issue but can be a significant reduction in our insurance premiums.
    • Re-evaluate our video surveillance system. We have a couple of blind spots and newer technology is available,
    • Seal the parking lot. The lot looks great but it is recommended that a seal coat be applied a year after the paving.