Current Status of the Sigma Chi Proud Campaign

Current Status of the Sigma Chi Proud Campaign

We began our SIGMA CHI PROUD CAPITAL CAMPAIGN in the fall of 2017 with a goal of $350,000 to first pay off our $138,000 debt on the house; then make essential repairs to the house and paving the parking lot for a cost of $64,100; and finally renovating the interior of the house and other security upgrades, etc. for a cost of $147,100. After two years in the campaign, we have raised $252,918 from 182 of our brothers toward our goal and completed phases 1 and 2 of our planned expenditures. We have had to borrow additional money to continue needed house structural and safety improvements while we continue to solicit the remaining $97,000 towards our goal to complete the final renovations on the house. Current contributions have slowed considerably and it is essential that we finish our goal as soon as possible. Please see some of our progress below:

Upon entering our beautiful new front entry door, generously donated by Brother Joe Owen, you see a refinished wood floor with marble white cross inlay. The first door on the right is the beautifully refinished original chapter house door. Entering the remarkable Tim Miller Alumni Library you see the 3D images of the White Cross, the seal, the crest and portraits of our six Significant Sigs. Doc Parsons’ portrait, his army foot locker and now his Jordan paddle donated back to the chapter by Brother Teddy Carpenter finish off the room with a wall mural of the first chapter house. This library represents our history and is a testament to all that have passed through our chapter.
The library features a desktop computer which stores over 1,700 pictures to keep great memories alive and sorted.
Another big change is the Dr. Chad Stewart Memorial Study Center. It also serves as a meeting area for chapter leadership in addition to group and individual study areas with a conference table, monitor and white board for presentations. Since its opening the chapter GPA has improved by .4 points; up from #7 in MSU fraternity GPA rankings to #2 in the Fall semester.
Another remodeling project just completed is the new Ritual Study Center that now occupies the old alumni room. It is a place where the meanings of our ritual can be discussed and embraced by new initiatives and the active chapter. Thanks to Brother Charlie Westerfield for his generous donation to make this room happen.
The East stairwell remodeled was completed last week in time for the weekend events. This project was made possible by brothers in memory of Brother Dan Stallings.
While the main floor has been totally repurposed to address the needed cultural changes in the chapter, we still have much work to do on the bare bones of the house. We are in the process of prioritizing the projects we have identified. The priorities
we will be working with are as follows:
  • The roof; while we have a couple more years of wear remaining, we deferred this project to address cultural changes needed to address the membership review and University concerns.
  • Assess the electrical and plumbing issues in the basement. We are anticipating this will be an area of concern for the RMF inspectors.
  • Remodel two additional bathrooms; three baths have been completely remodeled.
  • Sprinkler system for the residential quarters at a minimum. This is not only a safety issue but can be a significant reduction in our insurance premiums.

 Click here to see the composition of our goal and planned renovations to the house.

As you know, a very generous brother matched the first $100,000 dollars raised in this campaign.  To meet our final goal, we need all our brothers to step up and ensure the future of Sigma Chi at Murray State University!!  We have a memorial brick sidewalk from the cross in the yard to our existing sidewalk to honor our major campaign donors (gifts of $1,000 or more).  Please join our major donors so we can also honor you!! And please know that all contributions are significant no matter the amount.  The up-to-date results and contributors to the campaign can be viewed by clicking here on campaign results.

In Hoc,

Paul McCreary and Tim Miller

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